Ted Hardenburgh Proposal


It was a pleasure speaking with you today.

In a separate email, you will receive an invoice from Paypal for the one-time Facebook Deletion fee.

Alternatively, please read this entire proposal page for how I believe we can best serve your company.

There will be a Paypal checkout button to pay for this service.

Thank you.




Services Provided: 

  1. Removal of duplicate Facebook account online. Facebook Account Deactivation and Deletion

2. We will attempt to remove Yelp and BBB negative reviews.


Service Fee: $200

We will need the following to provide the above services.

  1. Website link

2. Yelp link

3. Facebook link not in your management-deletion

4. Facebook link that you manage

4. BBB link

5. Detailed explanation of your experience with the person that left you a negative review.

Were they a customer? etc.

Please email all necessary information to Michelle@roifirm.com


Based on your current Yelp reputation, I strongly suggest you sign up with our review services. Our review team will provide 12 reviews posted monthly on Google, Yelp and Facebook.

Link to your Yelp: https://www.yelp.com/biz/hardenburgh-plumbing-greenacres

We can bring your reputation up to a 4.5-5 star rating in a matter of 3 months, give or take two months.

Yelp is a powerful marketing tool. Your Yelp reputation shows up at the #2 link when performing a Google Search for Hardenburgh Plumbling.

A 4-5 Star reputation will absolutely assist you with new business allocation.

Our reviewers receive a $25 dollar gift card for posting all three reviews.

You will in turn receive 12 reviews monthly.

Our service fee is $300/mo. You can cancel anytime.

I will waive the fee for deleting the duplicate Facebook account if you choose to sign up for our review services.

Click here to pay via Paypal:

 $300/month Review Services Program

Cancel anytime.

Thank you,

Michelle Flores


Account Manager