Demand Gauge®

Not your average competitive analysis. 

We can get the ball rolling by gauging the available demand in your market. 

Competitive Analysis Service

A competitive analysis and more. Demand Guage was designed to provide you with information about your competitors so you have the information needed to outperform them. But, it does not stop there. Our Demand Gauge logic-set allows us to look deep into your potential markets and evaluate the probability and frequency of inbound leads and conversions.
Do you have the next big idea or product you are going to bring to market?

We take a deep look into your potential demand per geographical region. Our sophisticated AI-algorithm performs incredible logic-sets. We are data experts with the ability to look deep into Google’s soul and accurately decipher trends for maximum return. It is not the stock market- there is an actual science to this.

Technological devices are collecting market data and actively sending it to Google, Microsoft or Amazon. We can see this data and decipher the converting factors in order to make a very precise time and cost estimate for success… think of it like a mortgage calculator, but for your business ideas.

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